AZO Cranberry Softgels

Each softgel contains 250mg of Pacran® whole fruit cranberry powder extract to cleanse the urinary tract, along with vitamin C, in an easy-to-swallow, fast-acting form.*


Two AZO Cranberry® Caplets, Softgels or Gummies

Recommend AZO Cranberry®, a safe cranberry supplement with whole fruit cranberry powder that is clinically proven efficacy to help support the urinary tract health of your patients.*

AZO Cranberry® contains Pacran®, whole fruit cranberry powder standardized to proanthocyanidins and optimized for urinary tract health.* AZO Cranberry® provides the benefits of a glass of cranberry juice without the tart taste or added sugar that you may want your patients to avoid.*††

Many healthcare professionals are concerned with antibiotic resistance – a topic that can come with patients who have recurring UTIs. When you recommend AZO Cranberry® products to your patients as part of their daily regimen, you help them protect against UTIs.*


A 500mg daily regimen of Pacran® has demonstrated anti-adhesion activity of E.coli to urinary tract cells.1 AZO Cranberry® products (caplets, softgels, or gummies) are formulated to provide this daily regimen in one serving.

Efficacy of Pacran® was established in several clinical trials.2,3 Key findings included:

  • 36% reduction of urinary E. coli infections compared to baseline with Pacran®2
  • 58% relative risk reduction in UTI recurrence with Pacran®3 compared to placebo

Learn more about these clinical trials.


AZO Cranberry® contains ingredients with no known side effects.

Directions For Use

  • AZO Cranberry® Caplets or Softgels: Take two daily with water.
  • AZO Cranberry® Gummies: Chew two gummies daily.

Main Ingredients

Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) Whole Fruit Powder